Topshop Start Stocking Size 18 Clothing But Fashion Lovers Still Hit Back At Retailer

It seems that high street retailer Topshop have at some point decided that not all women are a size 10 and have released a variety of their clothing up to a size 18, something that many have welcomed across social media site Twitter, however not everyone is as pleased as others.

While the retailer seems to show support for larger women with their decision to boost their size options, it seems that there are two larger problems that the retailer might want to take a look at following their existence being brought into the public limelight.

One of the issues that some have with the latest news is the actual selection of items that the retailer has actually made available up to a UK size 18 is significantly less than the fashion market would have liked to have seen, Cosmopolitan claiming that out of 1,456 tops available on their website only 195 were available in the larger size variant while only 67 out of 800 dresses were supportive of the fuller figure.

Although this does show that the retailer has some way to go in order to open their fashion completely to ladies with a fuller figure, I can possibly see why they are rolling out the chance and just hope that they continue to develop the size support as new collections come into production.

The other issue, which could be more of a talking point, is that fact that while consumers are working out that the retailer is now offering size 18 clothing, pictures are emerging of women holding the larger size items against their much smaller frame and showing that there could be an issue with the measurements of the larger sizes.

One twitter user, @prettynormalme tweeted the brand to show them how their size 16 top measured up against her size 10 figure, showing that the top seemed to be a small fit that even she would struggle to wear, to which the retailer asked her for an email address to advise her what to do.

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