Selfridges & Co Ad Cleared After Complaints Due To ‘Unhealthy’ Model

Selfridges & Co may be better known for their offering of high end fashion but earlier this month they had their name banded about for a whole different reason as an email marketing ad called their social responsibility into question.

The email ad, which was sent out to customers back in January featured a model that was pictured wearing a long blue dress however the model was surprisingly thin for many and a small number of complaints were issued to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

With complaints centred around how the model was stood as well as her weight, the ASA have been forced to review to advert in order to determine whether the ad would join the growing list of banned fashion ads that have been pulled by the advertising watchdog.

Speaking out about the advert, a spokesperson for Selfridges & Co revealed that the model was not positioned in any way designed to make her look thinner, adding that the loose fit of the dress used would have distorted any models size.

Although the retailer admitted that the model used was thin, they maintain that ruling whether the model was of an unhealthy weight was ‘a subjective matter’.

While I have always been against advertising that makes use of very slim models, I have to admit that it never crossed my mind to make a complaint, instead it simply meant that I quickly ruled out the dress as anything that I would consider buying.

The ASA revealed that following their viewing of the advert during their investigation into the ad, they felt that the model ‘appeared to be in proportion’ and it was of their belief that the model was not “significantly underweight” and so allowed the ad to continue to be used.

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