Meet The Rihanna Approved YSL Boots That Have A Waiting List And Jaw Dropping Price Tag

Pop star Rihanna has had some questionable outfits in her time but last month we saw a pair of boots grace her Instagram feed that has seen fashion lovers across the world looking to scramble to get their hands on them.

The YSL branded boots designed by legendary Anthony Vaccarello certainly caught the eye thanks to being bejeweled but with various options available, including teal suede and brown leather, they certainly made a statement as they collected thousands of fashionista hearts sparking a frenzy to get their hands on them.

First showcased on the singer’s Instagram towards the end of March, it has since been revealed that the rhinestone boots come with an eye-watering price tag of £6,885 and although they were not created in short supply, there is now a waiting list for those that want to get their hands on them.

According to website Refinery29, you can buy your pair from Saks Fifth Avenue or Bergdorf Goodman however it is advised that you speak to the retailers to find out what the latest waiting period is as the list seems to continue to grow.

With an increase in the need for boots for women with smaller calves, these YSL boots have landed into a market that is crying out for more designer options and with a lack of options seemingly available right now, interest in these are naturally going to be huge.

With choice limited those with thinner legs are having to turn to the same retailers time and time again, using sites like these for fashion boots or generally heading to Nordstorm who are renowned for their selection for women with smaller calves, however i’m not too sure that the price tag on these beauties is going to be that appealing to the majority.

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