Cow Manure As Wearable Fashion?

The fashion industry has always been on the hunt for a sustainable material from which brands can make their creations and while we have seen recycling of plastic bottles and illegal fishing nets, it seems that one brand has opted to take things a step further, looking for a material that most countries have significant access to.

Mestic took to the runway to showcase their own spin on bio-materials, making a collection of clothing from cow manure, as they bid towards winning the Global Change Award, an accolade opportunity offered from high street giant H&M.

Speaking about the material, Dutch creator Jalila Essadi wrote on her website that she was inspired to create the bio-fabric back in 2006 after realising that Dutch dairy cows were producing a sustainable amount of phosphate.

Looking at a video that is located on the website, we can understand a little more about how the material is created as they explain that manure is removed from the farmers and seperated into wet and dry manure as they attempt to remove clean cullulose and start a process to use chemicals to break down the cellulose from the wet manure.

While fashion is crying out for new innovative ways to create sustainable materials, the innovation here seems to open up huge possibilities across the board, with questions being asked whether the latest developments will create a price market for livestock manure.

Naturally as a high end fashion product, there will be a number of readers that won’t see the potential in the latest findings but take the same material to create shirts or other items and suddenly it becomes a reality.

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